Our cold plunges are suitable for outdoor use. To maximize durability, it is advisable to provide shade from both sun and rain exposure.

The minimum temperature is 37°F. Please note, external factors such as high ambient temperatures may affect this.

The Pro Model uses 1730W and 9.5 amps. To put this into perspective, an average refrigerator uses 725 watts and between 10-20 amps.

To keep the water clean, it's recommended to purchase our sanitation kit and follow the cleaning protocol, which will allow you to keep your water clean for at least 3 months. If you decide not to use our water sanitation kit, make sure to change water at least every two weeks.

To maintain optimal performance, filter cartridges should be replaced approximately every three weeks, depending on usage. For commercial models filter cartridges should be replaced approximately every 8-12 weeks.

The process of changing the water is simple, thanks to the built-in drain valve. You can quickly empty the tub or even connect a hose to discharge the water elsewhere.

All you'll need is a standard 110 V outlet.

Yes, we do! We offer a 1-year warranty on our cold plunges. Click here for more information.  

Water is cooled at a rate of 2-6 degrees per hour. These values will vary depending on ambient temperatures.

Installing the cold plunge is straightforward and requires no special tools or expertise. The process should take no more than 15 minutes. For added convenience, we recommend having two people for the installation, as the equipment is relatively heavy. Additionally, we provide a step-by-step installation video to guide you through the process effortlessly.