Indoor Sauna
Indoor Sauna
Indoor Sauna
Indoor Sauna
Indoor Sauna

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Indoor Sauna

Our Indoor Sauna stands out with its distinct glass design, striking a balance between privacy and natural illumination during your sauna sessions. Two expansive, tiered benches provide ample space for a group of four or for a solo relaxation spread. With its Harvia 8kW electric heater, you have the option to either postpone the start for up to eight hours or activate it immediately, achieving a toasty 180ºF in just an hour.

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  • Features

    • Capacity: Holds up to 4 people
    • Wood: Rustic red cedar
    • Use: Indoor
    • Heater size: 8kW, 240V, 30-amp requirement, hard-wire connect
    • Lighting electrical: 110V, 15-amp service, plug-in connect
    • Exterior dimensions: 71″W x 63″D x 78″H
    • Interior dimensions: 66″W x 58″D x 77″H
    • Upper bench size: 66″L x 22″ W x 38″H
    • Lower bench size: 66″L x 14″W x 23″H
    • Door size: 64″H x 24″W
    • Window size: 64″H x 25″W
    • Assembled weight: 720 lbs
    • Note: All dimensions are approximate
  • Maintenance

    Traditional saunas require very little upkeep. Simply wipe down the interior after each use and check for any dust or debris that you may have tracked in.